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Birthday Selection

Ready made cakes, Custom Cakes, Birthday Gift Boxes, etc!


Ready made cakes

In a hurry? Want a generic birthday cake to celebrate your fur babies special day (birthday/adoptiversary)?

We have a variety of ready made cakes available for pick-up for your pups!

For example: solid peanut butter birthday cakes, rice cakes, cakes made with yogurt, cakes made with carob, etc!

To make sure we are not out of stock on any cake, feel free to contact us!

Keep in mind, ready made cakes are not able to be customized!

Pictured cake is not the only cake available for pick-up.

Customized Birthday Cake

Get your pups name designed into a soft birthday cake!

All custom cakes are MADE TO ORDER ONLY!

MUST GIVE AT LEAST 1 WEEKS NOTICE (not including holidays and weekends, weather may also delay).

If ordering during a major holiday, it may or may not take longer to come in. Feel free to order a little earlier than needed as they can be placed in the freezer until celebration day.

Birthday Gift Boxes

Ready to go birthday gift boxes, filled with delicious birthday designed cookies!